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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Healthiest food

The 29 Healthiest Foods on the Planet
The following is a "healthy food hot list" consisting of the 29 food that will give you the biggest nutritional bang
for you caloric buck, as well as decrease your risk for deadly illnesses like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
Along with each description is a suggestion as to how to incorporate these power-foods into your diet.
01. Apricots
The Power: Beta-carotene, which helps prevent free-radical damage and
protect the eyes. The body also turns beta-carotene into vitamin A, which may
help ward off some cancers, especially of the skin. One apricot has 17 calories,
0 fat, 1 gram of fiber. Snacks on them dried, or if you prefer fresh, buy when still
firm; once they soften, they lose nutrients.
02. Avocados
The Power: Oleic acid, an unsaturated fat that helps lower overall cholesterol
and raise levels of HDL, plus a good dose of fiber. One slice has 81 calories, 8
grams of fat and 3 grams of fiber. Try a few slices instead of mayonnaise to
dress up your next burger.
03. Raspberries
The Power: Ellagic acid, which helps stall cancer-cell growth. These berries are
also packed with vitamin C and are high in fiber, which helps prevent high
cholesterol and heart disease. A cup has only 60 calories, 1 gram of fat and 8
grams of fiber. Top plain low-fat yogurt or oatmeal (another high fiber food)
with fresh berries.
04. Mango
The Power: A medium mango packs 57mg of vitamin C, almost your wholerecommended
daily dose. This antioxidant helps prevent arthritis and boosts
wound healing and your immune system. Mangoes also boast more than 8,000
IU of vitamin A (as beta-carotene). One mango has 135 calories, 1 gram of fat
and 4 grams of fiber. Cut on up and serve it over leafy greens. Bonus: Your
salad will taste like dessert!
05. Cantaloupe
The Power: Vitamin C (117mg in half a melon, almost twice the recommended
daily dose) and beta-carotene - both powerful antioxidants that help protect
cells from free-radical damage. Plus, half a melon has 853mg of potassium -
almost twice as much as a banana, which helps lower blood pressure. Half a
melon has 97 calories, 1 gram of fat and 2 grams of fiber. Cut into cubes and
freeze, then blend into an icy smoothie.
06. Cranberry Juice
The Power: Helps fight bladder infections by preventing harmful bacteria from
growing. A cup has 144 calories, 0 grams of fat and 0 fiber. Buy 100 percent
juice concentrate and use it to spice up your daily H20 without adding sugar.
07. Tomato
The Power: Lycopene, one of the strongest carotenoids, acts as an antioxidant.
Research shows that tomatoes may cut the risk of bladder, stomach and colon
cancers in half if eaten daily. A tomato has 26 calories, 0 fat and 1 gram of
fiber. Drizzle fresh slices with olive oil, because lycopene is best absorbed when
eaten with a little fat.
08. Raisins
The Power: These little gems are a great source of iron, which helps the blood
transport oxygen and which many women are short on. A half-cup has 218
calories, 0 fat and 3 grams of fiber. Sprinkle raisins on your morning oatmeal or
bran cereal - women, consider this especially during your period.
09. Figs
The Power: A good source of potassium and fiber, figs also contain vitamin B6,
which is responsible for producing mood-boosting serotonin, lowering
cholesterol and preventing water retention. The Pill depletes B6, so if you use this
method of birth control, make sure to get extra B6 in your diet. One fig has 37 to
48 calories, 0 fat and 2 grams of fiber. (Cookie lovers - fig bars have around 56
calories, 1 gram of fat and 1 gram of fiber per cookie). Fresh figs are delicious
simmered alongside a pork tenderloin and the dried variety make a great portable gym snack.
10. Lemons/Limes
The Power: Limonene, furocoumarins and vitamin C, all of which help prevent
cancer. A wedge has 2 calories, 0 fat and 0 fiber. Buy a few of each and
squeeze over salads, fish, beans and vegetables for fat free flavor.
11. Onions
The Power: Quercetin is one of the most powerful flavonoids (natural plant
antioxidants). Studies show it helps protect against cancer. A cup (chopped)
has 61 calories, 0 fat and 3 grams of fiber. Chop onions for the maximum phytonutrient
boost, or if you hate to cry, roast them with a little olive oil and serve
with rice or other vegetables.
12. Artichokes
The Power: These odd-looking vegetables contain silymarin, an antioxidant that
helps prevent skin cancer, plus fiber to help control cholesterol. One medium
artichoke has 60 calories, 0 fat and 7 grams of fiber. Steam over boiling water
for 30 to 40 minutes. Squeeze lemon juice on top, then pluck the leaves off with
your fingers and use your teeth to scrape off the rich-tasting skin. When you get
to the heart, you have found the best part!
13. Ginger
The Power: Gingerols may help reduce queasiness; other compounds may help
ward off migraines and arthritis pain by blocking inflammation-causing
prostaglandins. A teaspoon of fresh gingerroot has only 1 calorie, 0 fat and 0
fiber. Peel the tough brown skin and slice or grate into a stir-fry.
14. Broccoli
The Power: Indole-3-carbinol and sulforaphane, which help protect against
breast cancer. Broccoli also has lots of vitamin C and beta-carotene. One cup
(chopped) has 25 calories, 0 fat and 3 grams of fiber. Don't overcook broccoli -
instead, microwave or steam lightly to preserve phytonutrients. Squeeze fresh
lemon on top for a zesty and taste, added nutrients and some vitamin C.
15. Spinach
The Power: Lutein and zeaxanthin, carotenoids that help fend off macular
degeneration, a major cause of blindness in older people. Plus, studies show this
green fountain of youth may help reverse some signs of aging. One cup has 7
calories, 0 fat and 1 gram of fiber. Add raw leaves to a salad or sauté with a
little olive oil and garlic.
16. Bok Choy (Chinese cabbage)
The Power: Brassinin, which some research suggests may help prevent breast
tumors, plus indoles and isothiocyanates, which lower levels of estrogen, make
this vegetable a double-barreled weapon against breast cancer. A cup will
also give you 158mg of calcium (16 percent of your daily recommended
requirement) to help beat osteoporosis. A cup (cooked) has 20 calories, 0 fat
and 3 grams of fiber. Find it in your grocer's produce section or an Asian market.
Slice the greens and juicy white stalks, then sauté like spinach or toss into a stirfry
just before serving.
17. Squash (Butternut, Pumpkin, Acorn)
The Power: Winter squash has huge amounts of vitamin C and beta-carotene,
which may help protect against endometrial cancer. One cup (cooked) has 80
calories, 1 gram of fat and 6 grams of fiber. Cut on in half, scoop out the seeds
and bake or microwave until soft, then dust with cinnamon.
18. Watercress and Arugula
The Power: Phenethyl isothiocyanate, which, along with betacarotene
and vitamins C and E, may help keep cancer cells at
bay. One cup has around 4 calories, 0 fat and 1 gram of fiber.
Do not cook these leafy greens; instead, use them to garnish a
sandwich or add a pungent, peppery taste to salad.
19. Garlic
The Power: The sulfur compounds that give garlic its pungent flavor can also
lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol, lower blood pressure and even reduce your risk of
stomach and colon cancer. A clove has 4 calories, 0 fat and 0 fiber. Bake a
whole head for 15 to 20 minutes, until soft and sweet and spread on bread
instead of butter.
20. Quinoa
The Power: A half cup of cooked quinoa has 5
grams of protein, more than any other grain, plus
iron, riboflavin and magnesium. A half-cup has
318 calories, 5 grams of fat and 5 grams of fiber.
Add to soup for a protein boost. Rinse first, or it will
taste bitter.
21. Wheat Germ
The Power: A tablespoon gives you about 7 percent of your daily magnesium,
which helps prevent muscle cramps; it is also a good source of vitamin E. One
tablespoon has 27 calories, 1 gram of fat and 1 gram of fiber. Sprinkle some
over yogurt, fruit or cereal.
22. Lentils
The Power: Isoflavones, which may inhibit estrogen-promoted breast cancers,
plus fiber for heart health and an impressive 9 grams of protein per half cup. A
half-cup (cooked) has 115 calories, 0 fat and 8 grams of fiber. Isoflavones hold
up through processing, so buy lentils canned, dried or already in soup. Take
them to work, and you will have a protein packed lunch.
23. Peanuts
The Power: Studies show that peanuts or other nuts (which contain mostly
unsaturated "good" fat) can lower your heart-disease risk by over 20 percent.
One ounce has 166 calories, 14 grams of fat and 2 grams of fiber. Keep a
packet in your briefcase, gym bag or purse for a protein-packed post-workout
nosh or an afternoon pick me up that will satisfy you until supper, or chop a few
into a stir-fry for a Thai accent.
24. Pinto Beans
The Power: A half cup has more than 25 percent of your daily requirement of
folate, which helps protect against heart disease and reduces the risk of birth
defects. A half-cup (canned) has 103 calories, 1 gram of fat and 6 grams of
fiber. Drain a can, rinse and toss into a pot of vegetarian chili.
25. Low fat Yogurt
The Power: Bacteria in active-culture yogurt helps prevent yeast infections;
calcium strengthens bones. A cup has 155 calories, 4 grams of fat, 0 grams of
fiber. Get the plain kind and mix in your own fruit to keep calories and sugar
down. If you are lactose intolerant, never fear - yogurt should not bother your
26. Skim Milk
The Power: Riboflavin (a.k.a. vitamin B2) is important for good vision and along
with vitamin A might help improve eczema and allergies. Plus, you get calcium
and vitamin D, too. One cup has 86 calories, 0 fat and 0 fiber. If you are used to
high fat milk, don't go cold turkey; instead, mix the two together at first. Trust this
fact: In a week or two you won't miss it!
27. Shellfish (Clams, Mussels)
The Power: Vitamin B12 to support nerve and brain function, plus iron and hardto-
get minerals like magnesium and potassium. Three ounces has 126 to 146
calories, 2 to 4 grams of fat and 0 fiber. Try a bowl of tomato-based (and low
fat) Manhattan clam chowder.
28. Salmon
The Power: Cold-water fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna are the best sources
of omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce the risk of cardiac disease. A 3-
ounce portion (cooked) has 127 calories, 4 grams of fat, 0 fiber. Brush fillets with
ginger-soy marinade and grill or broil until fish flakes easily with a fork.
29. Crab
The Power: A great source of vitamin B12 and immunity-boosting zinc. A 3-
ounce portion has 84 calories, 1 gram of fat, 0 fiber. The "crab" in sushi is usually
made from fish; buy it canned instead and make your own crab cakes.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Value price for some ladies cloths

I came across this site and found some value buys, you may like to browse the Japanese fashion.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Swensen's Ice Cream promotion at Giant Parkway

I went to Giant parkway and found that they were selling two tub of Swensens ice cream (1 pint) for $16.60. Grabbed 4 tubs at once esp the Macadamian ice cream. Then i searched and found their weekday promotions at, looks delicious.

Another Sink Tap giving problem

This seems to be from teka? but I guess the materials used for the cover connected to the lever is not of a strong quality or the knob at the main tap is of a lower quality. The impact is that the tread wears out and the cover no longer can turn on the tap. Great that Universal Union staff can get a repair man to come by in the next two days to replace the tap. On a whole Universal Union has provided me with good service for the products I bought for my kitchen sink, cooker hood, cooker hob, toilet bowls, wash basin, taps. But do compare and check the quality and prices before you settle to one shop for all items. Some items may be cheaper at ikea shop.

Never park at the red lots in Singapore

It is very difficult to find the white lots for non season carpark holders. see this discussion at As one of the forumers has mentioned that our car growth supercede the number of lots available. May be HDB like to perform a stock take to measure the utilisation of the carpark lots and then determine the most optimal number of lots to create in future planning process.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hort Park nice place to visit for photo taking opportunity

Hort Park situated near to the Nol Building, PSA Building, HP building area is a good place to play and capture some good garden, flower, plant pictures. the website is Here are some photos taken from this nice park visited by many expats and local Singaporeans. at the center is a children's electronic play board which allows your child to kick and interact with the computer. At the hq, there is a model home showing some lovely indoor plants.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HSBC Internet banking password

I have lost my password and was told to either appear in person or to mail in a password reset form. I shared that I have a physical token with me but there seems to be no way for the bank to resend me a new password. I am still wondering why the bank makes it so difficult for their customers to reset their internet password. Too much security really reduces the Customer satisfaction. This is a case of over doing it.

I recently wanted to renew my reward points but to my shock there is a difference between redeeming online vs via phone. It is more costly over the phone. I find it strange that the bank makes it more costly instead of delighting the customer by making it cheaper to redeem via internet. (reverse to delight the customer)

I tried the phone option to redeem the coupons but realised that the automated phone duration was rather short and before I have the opportunity to enter the code number for the merchant, the system replied that I have exceeded the number of tries and has to terminate my call. Very very annoying and frustration. I think the bank has to relook, reengineer and re think the above few issues before it can win more customers in Singapore.

I have used other banks such as UOB where the redemption is simply via the 16 digit Credit card number and then asked you to select the merchant and quantity to redeem via the internet. This is far more convenient compared to the bank in this blog.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Aeroline - a better way to travel to Malaysia

I found Aeroline when i wanted to visit sunway lagoon in KL Malaysia. I found that they provide airline services such as toilet on board the double decker bus and 1 cabin crew to serve one meal, one hot beverage and provide one water bottle for each trip. On my return trip they provided a dessert. They showed two movies on the 6 hour journey from Singapore to Sunway lagoon, the custom clearance duration at my destination was very long as there were lots of people.

We reached sunway lagoon at around 3pm and we alighted we had a difficult time locating our pyramid tower hotel. We had to ask shop staff along the way. The sunway shopping center is very huge and has four main circle of shops connecting the theme park and the hotels. There is a ice rink where public can skate too. I witness a hockey training on Sunday night too.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mio has reverted in 3 days

After much phone calls and persistent request, Singtel Mio has reduced the wait time from 5 days to 3 days for the modem replacement. They have also granted me one week rebate.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

MIO Voice is not reliable and need to wait for 5 days before the faulty modem can be changed

my mio voice is not very stable and has been giving me problems for the past few days, today 12 April the system when dead. I called MIO helpdesk and to my shock, the staff are not allowed to phone out to the customer? I find this strange from a telco company.

I am doubly shocked when they told me that the earliest time they can change my faulty modem is 5 days away, how on earth am i suppose to work from home for the next 5 days? What and how will singtel compensate this 5 days of unserviceable period.

Think twice on the telco plans.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Organic toilet products

I have searched around to locate the organic toilet products that does not contain SLS as it was stated as harmful to the body. I came across this Nature Gate's non sulphate shampoo and Akin skin care products all from Guardian pharmacy. I will be updating soon on the results of use.

Monday, February 23, 2009

inline skate

Visited Inline Culture during the Chinese New year holidays, surprise to see them open and when in to try out their skates, they offered Roller blade adult pair for $200 with the protective gear. I had to pay $45 for the helmet. They suggested for me to take the one to one course which cost $60 for 3 half hour sessions. Took my first lesson on 18 feb 2009 at East coast ring. Had my worst fall at the inner ring location, hit my tail bone. Instructor told me to pull myself forward and touch my knees and to bend my knees. It is a challenge as I tend to put weight on my heels instead of the ball of my toes. Instructor taught how to stop, right foot forward, bend both knees and raise right foot putting weight on the left foot.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Aston along east coast road

Visited for the first time on 3rd Jan for dinner, waited at the queue for 30 minutes, the captain is very friendly and when we wanted a change of the side dish, he gave us a new plate of fries. My fish side dish was in error and he asked for an additional side dish to be given. This was provided free of charge. I think he has done a perfect customer recovery. Good food (tried the Salmon Spaghetti but i found this, seems not to be good comments?

I guess the queueing is not well received.

Drive way Light damaged by someone

This photos show the damage dated 30 Dec 2008 (discovered in early morning), ilite at jalan besar was kind enough to replace it and exchange it for us. The material is made of fiber plastic and it is very tough, I am suspecting some one used a scissor to cut it?? still wondering. ilite told me to replace it instead of changing to a touger design so as to test if it will happen again.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Setting up a Fish spa

I came across the two different fishes used for the fish spa, the Chin Chin (coming from China which is an imitation, see this comparison on the danger if it grows too big) and the Garra Rufa which is from Turkey and it is the real doctor fish. Each of the Garra cost $10 at Qian Hu, but understand some places sell it for $6.50. Will explore further and find out if there are better sources.

Full body therapy, I tried it at the Ban Nee Nursery at Amber road see

lots of videos on You Tube at

Suppose to cure this Psoriasis which is a skin disease. (the famous blogger) (see the newspaper article dated 29 oct 2008)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Improvement need to prepaid system

Let me suggest that Singtel improve on it's hi card system. It should prompt the customer with an SMS to top up to extend the life of the card and not when a users start to use the phone. This will ensure users are 100% notified of the need to top up. I was caught not extending the card and I had an advertisement using the expired hi card number. I am still expecting Singtel to compensate my lost advertisment of $40 and $80 dollars left in the Hi card.

I find it strange that the customer support staff is unable to track the amount balance in the hi card, I thought the need to register the Identification of the person holding that particular Hi card number was for tracability, I still cannot understand why their IT system is not able to provide such simple product information?

I am thinking very hard whether I should still use a prepaid card. Until and unless the refund is made available.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Faktum base drawers from Ikea

When to ikea on 8th Dec 08 to shop for the kitchen drawers, we found these ones which are quiet suitable for oil and bottles, ketchups etc. Ikea Tampines offers free parking, however the exit route is not flexible, as if you are to start all over again if you go to the 2nd floor. No shortcuts out if you restart from the beginning. Finally obtained the Friend's card and able to receive 2 free drinks and two discounted meals immediately.

Seen some cloth hanging system catalog too will have to pay around 480 for two of their hanging system, will have to consider.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lorenzo giving 40% discount for display sets

Went to their show room at Aljunied area and shopped for the following:

  1. Living room TV console
  2. Coffee Table
  3. Dinning table with 8 chairs
  4. 2 Bed side table
It was a blessing to have the ability to obtain such good discounts. The furniture are one the tough and durable side.

Instant water heater

I visited this kaki bukit warehouse called Choo__ Yin_ and found that they carried a few brand of heaters, ceiling fans and lightings, I came with an alpha brand in mind, so i asked for it knowing that it has a 10 year warranty. The sales person directed me to their brand called Rega 118 (from UK) which is far superior compared to Alpha brand from malaysia. Rega is providing life long warranty for the heating elements which is within a copper container which is more lasting, with pressure release tube and energy saving. So I was encouraged to look at Rega 118. The price stated was $280 with installation but was surprise for the price compared to Alpha which is around $170 (guess without installation). The sales person sold me the 118 at $235 with installation. I am currently trying to search to find out further on the comparison.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

e61 mother board not changed

Wonder why Nokia has not changed my e61's mother board. They simply re install the software. Let's hope it is working from now onwards. They suspected the sim card giving problems, however I told them that it was working well with the 0 dollar phone.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

e61 again cannot receive and accept sms

I took back my e61 3 weeks back and now it is back to the same problem. I cannot send and receive sms, so i return back to SunTec Nokia and highlighted that now i have not used any external memory chip and it still gave the same error. It cannot be from my contacts right?

They told me that they will seek for approval for change of PCB board. Waiting for the answer, I think the 0 dollar phones are still the best.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Swensens at Vivo City offering

Calling all ice cream, sundae lovers, head down to swensens Vivo city and you will be delighted to know that they are offering you with one on one sundaes. Go for it and enjoy.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Health water for bathing!!

Have you heard of this Diamond Spa - which removes chlorine from the bathing water. This will be useful as our skins have holes which will absorb from the water. Will explore further on this.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I bought the 1Kg blue berry MARIGOLD YOGURT last week and we ate it over one entire week, today i finished the remainder just one day before it expires. At about 12noon, my stomach started to churn and the pain became very bad, it resulted in diarrhea, I had to go to the toilet twice. Now i did a search and found the following, wonder if it is true?

For those who are taking yogurt for the first time will begin to move your bowels in the form of induced Diarrhea but not to worry about it. It does not cause your body to loose fluids and nutrients. Actually yogurt cleans your dirty stomach in the form of Diarrhea and the Diarrhea will soon be over when the stomach is cleaned. After that you still feel very strong and not weak at all because you do not loose fluids and nutrients. Normally if you have a Diarrhea, New Treatment for Diarrhea: you feel very weak but not so in this case. So why not continue taking yogurt. You will be much healthier if you continue taking yogurt will keep you in good health and enhance your natural beauty with such a smooth complexion pimples at all (very good for girls with no pimples)!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Which car mat is best value for money?

The carpet mat provided by the Nissan cars are not black in color and thus may be easily dirtied so i decided to buy a rubber mat so that it is easier for cleaning.

Have asked around and was told the 3M one, but have not find out the cost, according to Nissan sales engineer, the Korean mat cost $70. NTUC Fairprice cost $18 - the best value for money for now.

Monday, October 15, 2007

e61 service took 2 days

I sent my e61 to nokia at Suntec city and it took 2 days to refresh the software and was told not to resyn my contents back which may lead to the same problem again. I was also told not to use the memory chip which may caused the inability to send SMS. I am wondering how to identify the actual cause, is it due to memory overflow which caused the system to not send sms and receive sms. Till today i am still seeking answers.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

e61 unable to send and receive short messages?

It has happened the 3rd time on my Nokia e61, wonder what is causing it to not able to send and receive short messages? I had to switch to the free $0 dollar phone and the SMS keeps flushing out. Will have to bring the guarantee card and the receipt to Parkway again. Hope the queue will not be long and the service engineer to be nice.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Which Notebook do i use?

Currently I am using a HP nc6000 notebook, it is heavier compared to Fujitsu notebook lifebook series. I personally like the Fujitsu lifebook because of the keyboard feel. Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific breaks new ground by introducing the full power of home entertainment in an exceptionally high-performance mobile computing companion - the LifeBook N6460. Being the first in the LifeBook series with Blu-ray capability (A next generation optical disc format, the Blu-ray feature offers at least five times more storage than DVD, allowing you to save even more data with ease. Supporting the format of content from major movie studios, Blu-ray also lets you enjoy the latest movies in the comfort of your home or office with the LifeBook N6460.) and integrated with advanced display and image-optimizing technologies, this sophisticated icon offers an absolutely stunning experience to those who are professionals in the day and visual buffs off-work.

I hope to be able to own one of the N6460.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Get paid for reading information from web

Thanks to Tony Chai, i found this site very interesting as it pays you to view online advertisements

Why not give it a try as it is to encourage potential customers to review their products before making the major decisions in life.
Having the right information at the right time will definitely help in your decision making process.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How do you detect any earth quake or tremors ?

I managed to capture the moving waters from my koi fish tank when the earth quake strike Indonesia.

See the video at Metacafe

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Be careful when trading options

I list the lessons learnt on my experience on options trading:

  1. Never sell naked (that is to sell the call option without another bought leg call option which is in the money), made a mistake to sell the bought leg in the money and then to buy the call option that is out of the money. This resulted in assignment of stocks at a lower price than the current price
  2. Need to sell the in the money call when the bought leg gapps down.
  3. Needs the professionals to guide you if you are new to this. My advice is to stay clear of options trading. This according to the Brokerage firms is not for newbies.
  4. after selling the sold leg and if the strike price keeps on increasing, quickly cut loss.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Where to buy baby kois?

I bought baby kois from Nippon Koi pond.
They sell two packet of 8 fish each for $5. I then transformed my child's lego toy box into a "fiber tank" and bought a resun filtration system to purify and to pump air to oxygenate the water. I also went to the nearest wet market to buy the feeder fish to teach the baby koi to feed.

see my video at

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Which Bread is more value for money?

I go for Multigrain from Sunshine which provides the necessary fiber for the digestive systems. It is the best value for money high fiber bread around. Go to either Giant Supermarket or Carrefour which does gives some free gifts. Besides Sunshine I also buy Gardenia raisin or banana and walnut bread. I used to buy the tropical fruit bread but i guess due to the high rate of growing mould on the fruit, they have stop producing this type of bread. If there are mould found on the bread, I will report to the company so that the Quality audit team can verify and ensure the freshness of the bread.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Which Blog software to use?

I started with blogger, now I have another option called Multiply, am sure there are others e.g. Clear space which is a social network collaboration platform. Understand that they are being used by project management teams in documenting their project information.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Which water filter system is the most appropriate?

My friend shared the Diamond Energy water to me and i started researching into this products. There were a few in the market, ranging from the simple carbon filter to, espring, and to DEW the complicated 6 filter system by DEW .

There is another system that had to be power by electricity to kill the germs but according to DEW, the chlorine in the water has already killed the germs thus no needed. I personally felt that there is no need for additional waste in electricity which adds up to the cost.

The sales person installed at my home and demonstrated the effect of the new water. I can drink directly without boiling the water but if you like to make coffee you still need to boil to get the hot temperature. I wanted to see if my ezema will recover at a faster speed after drinking the water.

After 3 months, I checked the filter A and found it to be very rusty, full of brown rust has gathered in the filter. Need to use a tooth brush to brush it clean before re installing.

I checked with Spring Singapore regarding their certification and that the first filter is certified. I think it will be best for all 6 filters to be certified. Once this is done, it will really be the best product ever for water filtration. The downside is the need to change filter according to their time schedule.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

How to choose Pineapples?

When choosing pineapples, it should be brightly colored, with fresh-looking, deep-green leaves। Avoid pineapples with bruises, brown leaves or moldy spots. If in doubt try to see what others are choosing to learn the trick. NTUC is selling for $0.50.

JVC or Sharp DVD Player

I bought the JVC and Sharp DVD player and found that the Sharp seems to be more stable and able to play most of the disc. I believe we need to test out the systems before purchasing in the future.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Nissan Latio vs 2004 Vios

I did a comparison between Latio and 2004 model of Vios and the following are the differences:

Latio has the following features:
  1. Does not have the auto gear indicator at the dashboard,
  2. Allows the driver's seat to be raised up or down
  3. Intelligent key system will be user friendly compared to manual key system. Simply press the black tiny button to lock the whole car
  4. Larger and longer room space for back passengers
  5. very light stirring wheel (may be a pro or con)
  6. Air con has the ioniser
  7. Less noisy during the journey
  8. Made in Japan

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Shopping experience

Have you Squidooed yet? Check it out at A site that allows you to pick and choose which products you are interested in.

Which Digital Cameras did I buy?

I started with Olympus, followed by Japan made Canon Ixus 50 5.0 mega pixel. This is a nice camera which I have been using for past 3-4 years. I have bought another camera made in China model Fuji FinePix F31fd at a very good price from MS Colors. I will highly recommend this camera shop and will be getting all future camera from this shop. Good service and price too. Camera is very good and use friendly.

Handphones that I use

I am now using a Nokia e61 as it is the affordable pda phone from Nokia. It does not have a camera and i have encountered some SMS problems with it. I have sent it in for repair once and at times i had to power down the phone to reinitialise it.

I have used another model called nokia 6021 which i bought from the 3rd party seller at Tampines central area. The phone gave me so much problems that i had to sent in to Parkway Branch service center for 7 times. They had to change the mother board at the 6th time. Almost gave up on this model but still using till today. It was a horrible situation having to deal with the service staffs. Not a pleasant situation further more you have to bring your guarantee card and receipt all the time, wonder why do they scan in the information and still require you to bring the two documents? If information has already been scanned it should be once stored and retrieved many times by the service staff - basic customer service right?

All my other nokia free phones are more stable and has given me a good experience.

Have come across another phone by Sony Ericsson model K610i from Singtel mobile. This phone using a Starhub card will not be performing well. At certain areas in Bedok, you will not be able to make calls out as there is no network, further more you may also receive a "only emergency call" message on the phone. According to StarHub I have to downgrade it to a 2G mode. But according to Sony Ericsson, have to reset the phone.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

How to choose Chilli padis?

I was at Sin Siong Supermarket this morning and they were selling Small chilli (Chilli Padis) at S$0.35 for 1Kg (usual is $0.60 per 1Kg). Choose those that are thin as they are the hottest.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Review on Wicked Lasers

All Weapon experts should have a look at Wicked Lasers as they form good components for all aiming systems. They are also great for use as a laser pointer in a large auditorium. But be very careful how you point those laser beams as they are very powerful. You must watch the lasers in action at

Perth Travel Experience

Just returned from an enjoyable Perth - Joondalup trip. Stayed at the Joondalup Chalet offered by MINDEF/SAF. It is a 2 storey house with fully equipped kitchen and bedrooms and living rooms. It is suitable for travellers who like to return back to the same accommodation instead of traveling and staying along their journey. Lot of activities to do, lot of scenary to see. Totally enjoyed the trip driving a brand new Hyundai rented car from Budget.

I brought my family on a trip to Perth, Western Australia during the June School holidays. I managed to book the Joondalup Golf Resort as our accommodation which comes equipped with all appliances and beddings. A Wonderful place to stay indeed. Every morning I brought my 3 year old daughter out to the golf area where there are wild goose walking. I also rented a family saloon vehicle - hyundai from Budget car rental. The car was brand new and was very powerful indeed.

We traveled from Perth International airport to Southern River where my cousin stayed for the first day, subsequently we stayed at the resort. We joined Aussie Super Bonanza for a Day Tour which brought us for Wine Tasting and River Cruising along with a Wildlife Park visit second to none to see and touch Australian Koalas, feed Kangaroos and cuddle a Wombat. There were personal guide to explain all about Australian animals and birds to us. I had the opportunity to carry the wombat while my family took a photo for me.

The tour include an Aboriginal Dreamtime experience where we learn about the true meaning of Aboriginal Art and Culture as well as Boomerang throwing and hear the magic sounds of the didgeridoo.
Visit a chocolate factory to taste chocolate and learn about chocolate making. Our morning is spent in the Swan Valley so we stop at a fruit and veggie stall to see and purchase the sweet fruit and veggies of the Swan Valley.

Then we visit one of the Oldest Wineries in Western Australia and the chance to taste some of the finest wines in the world produced from grapes grown at their vineyards here in the Swan Valley, Margaret River and Gin Gin. Relax in the surrounding gardens and enjoy a gallery of art from talented local artists.
We visit the Guildford Village Potters for a display of throwing a pot and a chance to purchase from their large array of items for sale.

We then make our way to the tour guides - an Australian family home to meet with the family, look inside their home then enjoy a delicious home cooked Aussie Barbecue lunch. The lunch was fantastic. After lunch and with time permitting check out a Local Supermarket then board a Swan River Ferry to enjoy a delightful cruise on the Swan River back into Perth City and returned to our resort.

Fitness Tip of the Day